I like to keep a bit quiet these days. Over the years I've made a few things that could be of note by some people's definition, but that's for later.

Thinking about it now, I'm fairly certain I might've known about Neocities for a while before this, but I don't quite remember for sure. All I know is a few people I speak to frequently made their own sites on here and I decided to join in. I don't have a massive amount to say about it, other than that it was interesting to learn HTML and CSS (who would've known webpages were basically just word documents). Right now it's shaping up to be a depot for all the junk I've made over the years, but I might put some kind of blog on the front page later on down the line.

My biggest influences on the general layout and look were the official sites for Dwarf Fortress and The Witch's House, in part because I'm a fan of those games and simply because I like the aesthetics and vibe of each.

Sometimes I make Doom maps, mostly as part of colaborative projects, but I have made at least one or two standalone releases. Back in the day I experimented with Super Mario World and Sonic modding, but nothing really came of it. Maybe one day I'll go back and give that another shot. I briefly tried to mod that Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy game, but I could never get the maps to import right, so each time the game either crashed or Sphinx would fall into the void.

I've never really been the artist type, but I have drawn things before. It's not really my thing, but they're there.

Let's Try